The system for supplying and dispensing pellets or wood-chips from the silo is suitable for places with sufficient space available on the outside. The extraction system is universal and can be integrated into silos of various shapes and sizes.

Hot-water boiler made of welded boiler plate,
using a four-pass flue gas exhaust system.

Microprocessor-based control system with five different power settings and automatic ignition and modulation, that is, the adjustment of boiler output to the requirements.

Automatic removal of ash from the flue gas chamber into the ash container, which is installed on the outside of the boiler.

Dispensing system for the burner contains a fire-protection system, a motor with a reduction gear to power the

dispensing system and a horizontal dispensing auger.

System for extracting the pellets/wood-chips from the silo and transporting them to the dispensing system. The silo extraction system consists of a rotating extraction head with branches, a 90-degree reduction gear, a 5 m long auger and a motor drive with a sprocket.



Fully automatic pellet and wood chip boiler of higher power. It is distinguished by the exceptional flexibility of the power range (100-200 kW) and the use of fuel, since both chips and pellets of different quality can be used as fuel. It is suitable for heating commercial buildings, multi-apartment houses, blocks, district heating networks, hotels ...

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