Our main focus during the design of the Pellson boiler was to find a way to cut heating cost by half while maintaining the same level of comfort. We came up with a solution that uses a significantly cheaper energy source (pellets) and an automatic cleaning process for the soot and ash that accumulates during operation.


The Pellson boiler requires only 5 minutes of attention per week.

The Pellson boiler has an integrated storage container for pellets that will last for a week, while the ash container needs to be emptied once a month, so the whole process will take only an average of 5 minutes per week. The boiler will take care of all other heating related tasks by itself.

​The X1 and X3 boiler already have an integrated weekly container that can be upgraded (at the time of purchase or later) with a delivery system that connects to the yearly storage container, whereas the installation of such a system is mandatory when buying the X5 and X7 boilers. The Pellson delivery system uses a special rotary auger that delivers the pellets from the storage into the boiler.


Integrated pellet hopper
The innovatively integrated pellet hopper uses all the available empty space in the boiler, achieving a storage volume sufficient for 250 kg of pellets; this is enough, on average, for more than a week of continuous heating.

Automatic cleaning of the tubular heat exchanger
The entire system is made of Inox steel with high fire resistance, which ensures a longer service life and therefore lower maintenance costs. The system performs daily cleaning of the heat exchanger, which is reflected in the high efficiency throughout the heating season.

The automatic removal of ash from the furnace and the exchange chamber allows us the comfort of never having to open and clean the boiler. All the ash, created by the burning of the pellets is automatically stored in the ash container in the front of the boiler, which only needs to be emptied 3 to 6 times a year.

Fire-resistant stainless steel volcanic burner, developed and produced by Waltis, makes the boiler one of the most ecologically-friendly boilers on the market. The pellets enter the burner from the front, where they are gradually heated and dried before igniting and burning out. With this technology, the burning of the pellets is extremely reliable and stable.



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