The Peletka 25 is an automated pellet boiler for anyone who still loves to see a flame.

You can access the firebox and the burner by simply opening a door.

On december We made the highest emission standar class (5) certification for EN 303/5, for our boiler Peletka 25.


The cast iron burner produces a wide flame that ignites even the smallest pieces of pellet. The high efficiency of the boiler is also evident in the very small amount of ashes. 


Furthermore the Peletka also has no problems with using low-quality pellets. Although you will have to clean the burner more often if you use lower quality pellets, it won't affect the operation of the boiler or cause damage.

The key advantages of Peletka 25 are its simple use and almost ridiculously low maintenance costs. The secret of this almost indestructible boiler lies in its simplicity; it contains only the most essential components for highly efficiency pellet burning. There are already 3000 satisfied Slovenian and Italian households being heated by this boiler.


Microprocessor-based boiler control
Pellson products feature a boiler control system devised by the Waltis development team drawing on 30 years of experience. The prime values of the boiler control system development philosophy are the ability of the boiler to automatically adapt to different conditions around the world, its automatic operation and the extraordinary ease of use. The boiler operation is fully automatic and adapts itself to the changing heating requirements of the building.

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