Slovenian Wood Biomass Boiler Producer

The company with 30 years of experience in the development and production of boilers for central heating systems.

We specialise in the development of fully automatic pellet boilers that guarantee the maximum heating comfort.


We respect our clients and appreciate their trust in our boilers. We are well aware that the quality of a heating system is very important, which is why our production process is driven by professional commitment and an eye for perfection. We are also a loyal and reliable partner that will provide all the necessary services to keep your home warm throughout the whole life cycle of the boiler. Our boilers are made by people who have been making boilers for the better part of their life and really put their heart into it.


The development and production of products that will guarantee the user a 

comfortable and economical way of heating their home.


Our primary goal is continuous progress and quality leadership that will be 

instrumental in the production of top-notch boilers and the effort to place 

Waltis among the 5 most recognized European brand names.



cesta k tamu 61, Maribor, Slovenia